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Mobile, AL Motorcycle Accidents Attorney

While many car accidents only cause property damage and leave the occupants of the vehicles unharmed, a motorcyclist is much more likely to be injured in a crash. Of the 1,583 Alabama motorcycle accidents reported in 2013, 1,173 involved injuries, and 76 individuals lost their lives in these crashes. Injuries and deaths occur far more frequently in motorcycle accidents than car accidents or even truck accidents. At the Law Office of Gary W. Fillingim, L.L.C., we understand the unique factors and challenges that go into proving a motorcycle accident case, as well as the critical importance of obtaining full compensation for the serious and often long-term injuries a motorcycle accident victim may incur.

Facts about motorcycle accidents

The risk of a motorcycle accident is enhanced by the fact that motorcycles are much smaller than the average motor vehicle, and they also tend to travel much more freely and maneuver more quickly down the highway, both of which makes them harder to spot or be noticed than other cars on the road. Larger vehicles such as SUVs may have even greater blind spots making it more likely that drivers will not notice a motorcycle if they are not diligent in scanning the road around them, particularly before turning or changing lanes. For all cars, distracted driving is a problem that has been plaguing American roadways for several years. In the case of motorcycle accidents, a distracted driver is even more likely to fail to notice a motorcycle in time to avoid a collision.

Studies of motorcycle accidents have found that the majority of motorcycle accidents are caused by the other driver violating the motorcyclist’s right-of-way, with the main reason for this cause being the driver’s failure to notice the presence of the motorcycle.

Tips to stay safe on the road

Because the motorbike is so much smaller and lighter than even the smallest cars on the road, and because there is little in the way of crash protection for the rider, motorcycle riders are far more likely to suffer serious injury or death in a crash. To make matters worse, insurance company lawyers often try to shift the blame for the motorcycle accident on the rider, painting them as reckless or aggressive riders, when actually most accidents occur because drivers fail to signal or yield to oncoming motorcycles when they should. Bikers can help prevent accidents by paying close attention to the traffic around them and observing the following safety tips:

  • Wear a DOT-approved helmet
  • Wear outer clothing that is both protective and reflective
  • Ride with your headlamp on at all hours
  • Be sure to signal lane changes and turns well before the maneuver
  • Ride defensively and leave plenty of room between yourself and the vehicle in front of you

Seek Experienced Legal Representation in Mobile, AL Motorcycle Accidents

Sadly, even the most careful riding cannot always protect you from a reckless, aggressive or distracted driver. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, you need an attorney who can build a strong case based on the actual facts of the accident, and who can argue persuasively to overcome the bias of an insurance company or jury often present against motorcycle riders. In Mobile, call the Law Office of Gary W. Fillingim, L.L.C. at 251-445-7257 for a free consultation.

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