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Termite Damage

If termites or other wood destroying organisms have caused damage to your home or property, it is important to speak with a qualified Gulf Coast litigator experienced in termite damage matters who can bring quick resolution to your claim.

Termite property damage claims can sometimes be brought against pest control companies responsible for termite inspections, prevention and control at the property sites.

The pest control industry is extensively regulated and you need an experienced attorney who understands these regulations and is able to review your case and determine under the law whether you are entitled to compensation. If your pest control company was negligent, we can help you recover for cost of repairs and loss

Know Your Rights:

If the seller knows that there is termite damage, but chooses to conceal the damage or cheat the buyer, then the buyers are often entitled to compensation.  In addition, if you retained a pest control company to inspect your property for wood-destroying organisms prior to your purchase, you may have a claim for a negligent inspection.

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