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How are damages determined in Alabama

How are Damages Determined in Alabama? 

By The Law Office of Gary W. Fillingim, L.L.C. |

When it is necessary to assess damages in a personal injury case, the state of Alabama is somewhat unique in that it still makes use of a fault or tort system, which means that no damages will be paid unless it can be conclusively proven that one party is completely at fault. For instance,… Read More »

Expert witnesses & Fillingim Law

How Can an Expert Witness Help My Injury Claim?

By The Law Office of Gary W. Fillingim, L.L.C. |

  An expert witness is considered to be a person who is extremely qualified to provide relevant information to judge and jury, by virtue of their particular knowledge, training, skills, or experience in a specific field. They often have the kind of technical knowledge or scientific knowledge that gives them insight into injuries or… Read More »

Teen attempting to drive under the influence

Research Reveals Extent to which Alcohol is Dangerous to Teen Safety

By The Law Office of Gary W. Fillingim, L.L.C. |

The average parent doesn’t need to be told to worry about the dangerous effect of alcohol on their teenager’s wellbeing. That said, new research shows the profound effect that alcohol has on teens’ fatality rates on US road. However, the research also shows that, the more strictures that parents and lawmakers place on alcohol… Read More »

Mobile Injury Attorney

Things You Need to Know Before Your Free Consultation With An Attorney

By The Law Office of Gary W. Fillingim, L.L.C. |

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, had a work injury, or suspect nursing home abuse, you may be wondering what steps you should take to protect your rights. Contrary to popular belief, most insurance companies and even employers don’t have your best interests in mind if you file… Read More »

Auto Accident Injury Attorney

How Do Auto Accident Insurance Claims Work in Alabama?

By The Law Office of Gary W. Fillingim, L.L.C. |

The numbers don’t paint a very safe picture of Alabama roads. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Alabama’s traffic fatality rates are some of the worst in the nation. Between 2003-2012, the rate of death of motor vehicle occupants in this state is 13.7 (per 100,000 people) compared to the national rate… Read More »

Broken tail light

Another Year of Growing Traffic Deaths on US Roads

By The Law Office of Gary W. Fillingim, L.L.C. |

Despite the fact that more safety technology is available now than ever before, there have now been two successive years where auto fatality rates increased over those of the previous year. Seeing an urgent need to take action against rising auto accident traffic deaths, the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) has partnered with… Read More »

Two men in a car accident

Timeline for an Injury Claim after a Car Accident

By The Law Office of Gary W. Fillingim, L.L.C. |

After you are involved in a car accident in Alabama, you will need to file a car accident claim to recover compensation for your injuries and property damage. While you may need the money – and need it fast – how quickly your claim will be settled depends upon a number of factors, including… Read More »

Guy texting while driving

Lawmakers Act to Curb Distracted Driving

By The Law Office of Gary W. Fillingim, L.L.C. |

We’ve all seen drivers on Alabama roads whose heads are bobbing up to the road one minute, but down to their phone screens the next. Despite the increased public understanding of the threats posed by distracted driving, many drivers still believe they’re capable of safely texting while driving, or simply don’t care about the… Read More »

Dangerous Drowsy Driver

Less than Recommended Amount of Sleep Makes Drivers Dangerous, Study Finds

By The Law Office of Gary W. Fillingim, L.L.C. |

Health experts say that we need eight hours’ sleep a night to operate at our full capacity, but getting that amount of sleep can be a serious challenge. A recent study, however, provides new-found motivation to get the necessary eight hours, as researchers found that getting even slightly less than the recommended amount of… Read More »

PTSD After A Car Accident

What You Can Do For Anxiety and PTSD After a Car Accident

By The Law Office of Gary W. Fillingim, L.L.C. |

A car accident can be a traumatic experience with some long-lasting effects.  In addition to the property damage and physical injuries that you have to deal with, an accident can also leave you with some lingering emotional scars and trauma.  Many who have been in motor vehicle accidents, even minor ones, find that they are… Read More »

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